The Best Articles On Teen Depression

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Teen depression is a very real problem that a lot of younger adults are dealing with daily. Living with depression as a teenager or young adult can be downright impossible and make everyday a struggle to survive. The most important thing for you to do as a parent is to read up on teen depression by viewing some of the best articles out there on the subject. The great thing about these types of articles is that they are normally written by Read more…

What To Ask Your Depressed Teen

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What To Ask Your Depressed Teen

Carefully Assessing The Issue
Depression for teens is a very tricky subject. Moreover, it is major concern that should be treated carefully. By this, I mean if you are not a psychologist, then you should probably use caution when assessing the issue. It is very important to follow a few key steps concerning determining if your teen is depressed. First, make not of all the behavior signs that your teen exhibits. Second, you should start to research techniques online on how to approach the Read more…

Helping A Depressed Teen: What Works And Doesn’t Work

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If you are dealing with a depressed teen, you are not alone. Millions of teens suffer from depression and parents are often at a loss to help them through it. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial to helping your teen get through depression.

The first step in helping your teen get through depression is to recognize the signs of this debilitation illness. Feelings of hopelessness, prolonged sadness and worthlessness are signs of teen depression. Your depressed teen Read more…

Targeting the Roots of Teen Depression

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For many teens growing up, depression can only add to the already stressful life of a growing child. You have all these changes happening in your life and this emotional burden of despair weighing you down, but it is only when we attempt to understand the roots and the cause of this sadness that we begin to understand how to treat it. Some kids talk about the rejection they feel during school. Others cite the loneliness felt at being a latchkey kid, arriving to an empty house, activating the alarm system and resigning to their rooms.

While a different medical journal each year will talk about different causes and claim to have the definitive answers, if your child is suffering from depression then the best place to start is by confronting them about it. Ask your child when they feel depression the strongest and really engage in a serious and meaningful dialogue borne from a mutual interest in doing away with the problem. You might just find your child is more eager to do something about it than you realize and, once you determine what thought processes or events trigger the depression you can start finding ways to properly treat these impulses.

What To Look For In A Teen Therapist

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When you are choosing a great therapist for your teen, no matter what the issues are, and no matter what they are going to be discussing with the therapist, you have to find the right person. So, in choosing the therapist, you are going to want to consider their credentials, how many patients they have had, what their level of expertise is in the industry, and how long they have been in practice. You also want to consider Read more…

Where To Find Information On Teen Depression

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Support groups offer a wealth of information on teen depression. Members of support groups have personal experience dealing with depression in teens. And, they can offer their advice to help answer your questions. People seeking information on teen depression can discuss ways to help their teen cope, and, ways they can also cope with the disease.

Understanding depression and how it can effect a teen is the most important information support groups offer. They can give information on how to tell the difference between depression and acting out, which is common for teens. A group can alert you to the early signs and symptoms that signal a teen may have depression. They can tell you from their personal experiences how depression effected their teens’ school work, self esteem, and behavior. They can offer information on possible treatments and medicines. And, if a group is local, they can recommend doctors. Most of all, they can offer you and your teen support.

Support groups are located online, in schools, churches, or community organizations. If you have difficulty finding a group, your doctor, mental health agency, or school counselor can help you find a group with the information needed to support your recovery.

What To Say To A Depressed Teen

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Teenagers experience different emotions than adults, but as adults, we have all been where teenagers are at some point or another. The one thing you don’t want to tell a teenager who is depressed about something is that everything will be okay. This is not true in all cases because everything might not be okay. Sometimes they lose a friend who is moving away and they won’t be able to see them again. Other times there are people who come into their life who break their heart. Read more…

What To Look For In Depressed Teens

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There are many signs that you can look for in a depressed teen. Depressed teens usually show signs that alert parents and other people. Teens that show signs of sadness and hopelessness are definitely a big concern in teens, and parents should keep aware of that. Other signs that teens show when they are depressed are restlessness, agitation, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, fatigure or lack of energy, loss of interest in activities, and many more. Many parents do not Read more…

Most Popular Misconceptions About Teen Depression

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Has your once happy child turned into a moping, depressed teenager? Are you worried about how to deal with their sudden emotional turmoil, but lack the information necessary to get started? Do you want to help, but are not sure what needs to be done? If so, read this list of the most popular misconceptions about teen depression.

Misconception: It is the parents’ fault.
Parents often blame themselves when their children have issues. Of course, parental support and affection play a big role in a teenager’s emotional health, but parents are not the Read more…

Separating Facts From Myths About Teen Depression

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There are so many myths regarding teen depression that serve only to hinder proper diagnosis and treatment of the illness that it some are mistaken for fact. Let’s take a look at some of the facts:

Myth: Teenagers are moody by nature, but they don’t actually suffer from depression. Only adults get depressed.
Fact: Depression is not a respecter of age, gender, social or financial status. While normal adolescent development can mask true depression, teens are also at risk for this devastating mental illness.

Myth: If a teenager is depressed, it’s just a phase. They’ll Read more…