What To Look For In Depressed Teens

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There are many signs that you can look for in a depressed teen. Depressed teens usually show signs that alert parents and other people. Teens that show signs of sadness and hopelessness are definitely a big concern in teens, and parents should keep aware of that. Other signs that teens show when they are depressed are restlessness, agitation, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, fatigure or lack of energy, loss of interest in activities, and many more. Many parents do not Read more…

Most Popular Misconceptions About Teen Depression

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Has your once happy child turned into a moping, depressed teenager? Are you worried about how to deal with their sudden emotional turmoil, but lack the information necessary to get started? Do you want to help, but are not sure what needs to be done? If so, read this list of the most popular misconceptions about teen depression.

Misconception: It is the parents’ fault.
Parents often blame themselves when their children have issues. Of course, parental support and affection play a big role in a teenager’s emotional health, but parents are not the Read more…

Separating Facts From Myths About Teen Depression

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There are so many myths regarding teen depression that serve only to hinder proper diagnosis and treatment of the illness that it some are mistaken for fact. Let’s take a look at some of the facts:

Myth: Teenagers are moody by nature, but they don’t actually suffer from depression. Only adults get depressed.
Fact: Depression is not a respecter of age, gender, social or financial status. While normal adolescent development can mask true depression, teens are also at risk for this devastating mental illness.

Myth: If a teenager is depressed, it’s just a phase. They’ll Read more…

The Facts Of Depression In Teens

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Most teens who are depressed, and show signs of depression are different than what adults show. This raises concerns to many parents when teens begin to not act normal, compared to the ways that they use to act. One in eight teens suffer from depression. About 20 percent of teens will actually suffer from depression before they reach adulthood. There is a very small percentage of teens who suffer from seasonal depression which is usually during the winter months. Teen depression can affect a teen regardless of their sex, social backround, income level, race, or school. It doesn’t Read more…