The Facts Of Depression In Teens

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Most teens who are depressed, and show signs of depression are different than what adults show. This raises concerns to many parents when teens begin to not act normal, compared to the ways that they use to act. One in eight teens suffer from depression. About 20 percent of teens will actually suffer from depression before they reach adulthood. There is a very small percentage of teens who suffer from seasonal depression which is usually during the winter months. Teen depression can affect a teen regardless of their sex, social backround, income level, race, or school. It doesn’t matter, because depression has no color or special name on it. There are some risks that will put a teen at a higher risk of developing depression. Some of these risks include, previous episodes of depression, experiencing trauma, abuse, or a long term illness or disability, a family history of depression, and other untreated problems. Parents who are concerned about their teen suffering from depression should talk to them. If they are suffering from depression, they should really consider getting them help. You do not want things to turn worse, and parents do not want to see their teen or teens suffering.

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