Most Popular Misconceptions About Teen Depression

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Has your once happy child turned into a moping, depressed teenager? Are you worried about how to deal with their sudden emotional turmoil, but lack the information necessary to get started? Do you want to help, but are not sure what needs to be done? If so, read this list of the most popular misconceptions about teen depression.

Misconception: It is the parents’ fault.
Parents often blame themselves when their children have issues. Of course, parental support and affection play a big role in a teenager’s emotional health, but parents are not the only factor.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Many depressed teens have loving, caring parents, and many teens with unhappy home lives are still not depressed. In short, parents should never believe it is their fault.

Misconception: It is just a phase.
Do not fall for the trap of believing your teenager is just going through a tough time because of their age. Avoid the tendency to tell them they will grow out of it. Do not trivialize your teenager’s depression by ignoring the root causes and focusing only on cliched “teen angst.”

Misconception: It is just who they are.
Many depressed individuals believe depression is a permanent part of their personality. However, believing this is often an excuse to avoid seeking help.

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