Best Books On Communicating With Your Teen

Author: admin

As a parent of 2 previous teens and 4 current teens, I’d like to share information and resources I’ve found helpful on the subject of communication between parents and teens. Parenting is an art, not a science as I’m sure you’ve discovered if you now have a teen. There are no recipes or formulas that guarantee success so we’re all just winging it.
In my experience I’ve found that more “yeses” than “no’s” helps strengthen communication. While communication is important, defending your decisions is always a recipe for disaster. Being there with a listening ear, without any pressure really helps our communication.
Ways I try to be there for my teens include doing things together such as cooking dinner, working on a school project , going on a walk, eating out, shopping, washing the car- basically anything that gives the two of you time away from everyone else. If this is a habit- and a habit can be just once or twice a month- the relationship becomes stronger and in my family teens seem to seek us out when they need to talk.
I’d like to share some books I’ve read throughout my parenting career that help me to open lines of communication and to gain perspective on what I can control in our relationship and what I cannot. Teen-Proofing by John Rosemond is a great book. He is a no nonsense author and a psychologist who goes against the establishment.
Other highly recommended books include:
Stop Parenting, Start Coaching by Carol Carter,
Dear God I have Teenagers, Please Help! By Barbara Rose,
I enjoy all the books by the authors Max Lucado and Gary Smalley as well.
Another book recently recommended to me recently is The Inside Story on Teen Girls by Karen Zager, PhD. This book has sections for the teen and sections for parents and the author is a psychologist.
Good luck with all your parenting. It’s the toughest job, but the rewards are worth the cost!